Thursday, August 29, 2019

70th Brithday

Hi everyone,

We have just celebrated two 70th birthdays.  My husband is a triplet.  He and his sister are the only two that remain. 
Everyone had a great day.  Above are the cards that I made them. Similar to the birthday people, the cards are retired dies and retired designer series paper.
Enjoy your day,

Friday, August 23, 2019

Patchwork Quilt - Europe

Hi everyone,

This quilt is a blast from the past, however I have not quilted it yet. I tend to completed and quilt gifts, but the quilts I keep for myself seem to always stop at the bottom of the pile.

In 2005/2005 our daughter, Carren, lived in London, working as a nanny.  Carren had a wonderful time.  She travelled to many European countries, spent one Christmas with her cousin in Vancouver, and made some wonderful friends.  She will visit one of those friends soon in Adelaide.

Anyway, I visited Carren for two months in 2006. I cannot go anywhere without some patchwork.  It stems from going to WeightWatchers in my teens with my mum.  We were told to always have something for the hands to work with.  Whilst I have fabric in my hands, I don't have food.

Well, I took the makings for this quilt.  I used pansy fabrics in each square. Some are 12” squares whilst the little ones are 4” squares.  I made them all by hand.  I always had the makings of a square in my hand luggage.

One night Carren and I flew from Heathrow to Salzburg.  We had a 4:00am flight. I couldn’t sleep in the chair at the airport, so I hand sewed all night.  Carren slept though. When we eventually got on the plane, apparently I was asleep before the plane left the airport and Carren needed to wake me as we landed. I was great company that flight.


We stayed in Avignon for several days.  One of those days, we intended hiring motor bikes but they were all gone.  So we hired push bikes.   We rode 15 miles out to a perfumery.  I remember that it was a beautiful day. Carren played ‘Mum’ that day. She rode behind me and continually reminded me that I had to stay on the right side of the road.  In Australia, we are used to driving on the left side of the road.  Anyway, I kept riding to the middle.  Carren would say, ‘over to the right, Mum.’

At lunchtime we stopped at a little village for a break.  It was so different to something that I was used too.  A little pond or well in the middle, the small square surrounded by houses and a street.  I have just finished reading a novel about Italy.  This image of this little village stayed with me during the book. On the way back we saw a country wedding. Such lovely memories.


This is Carren and I in Lucerne, Switzerland.  The above photos are also the surrounds of Lucerne.  A beautiful place.  We both grew up with 'Sound of Music.'  So Austria was a must.  We visited Salsburg and did the 'Sound of Music' tour.  We then worked our way back to England, on the fast train, stopping a few days here and there. 

This the Arc of Triumph in Paris.  Such a busy roundabout.  Carren and I climbed to the top.  I stood and watched, fascinated by the lack of road rules as car after car got on and somehow got off the roundabout in one piece or without too many scratches on their cars.  

Here is Carren in front of Cartier's.  

Such wonderful memories.  Many photos were taken but they weren't digital.  So it seems I must scan them onto my Ipad.  Above is a taste which has brought my memories to the front of my mind.  Such a lovely holiday and such a precious time I spent with our daughter. 
I have several pictures in my mind, when I remember make this quilt.  I tried to finish a 12' square every few days.  On afternoon I remember sitting on my bed, at Carren's employer's place, trying to catch up.  I patch-worked whenever I sat in the train, fast or just local and bus rides.  Having this quilt to work on, allowed me to have some down time quietly, on my own.  It allowed myself to process all the wonderful sites that I saw.  

I hope you enjoy reading about these memories.  I have enjoyed sharing them with you.


Monday, August 19, 2019

To be a Wild Rose

Hi everyone,

Isn’t this a beautiful card.

Mint Macaroon and Highland Heather look stunning together.  To be a Wild Rose Stamp Set with a little white, purple ribbon and a short sentiment creates a beautiful stunning card. 

This was available for one pf my recent card classes.  I usually make six cards so that the attendees have a choice. I am not sure if it is a good thing or bad yet.   I like to give attendees a choice though.  Anyway this one was not been chosen.   After the Saturday class, my friend stayed for tea.   We created the four that was cut up for class. Libby took hers home.  I kept the rest. 

I think anyone would love to receive this card. 

Enjoy your day,


Thursday, August 15, 2019

Over the Moon

Hi everyone,

Aren't these pigs fantastic.  I hope the recipients have a laugh when they receive them.  I have a bit a giggle when I created them.

Blushing Bride Cardstock, matching Designer Paper Series and Blender Pens.

Highland Heather Cardstock, matching Designer Paper Series and Blender Pens.

Pear Pizazz Cardstock, matching Designer Paper Series and Blender Pens.
I used this Stamp Set, Over the Moon, as one of the cards during my recent class. I really enjoyed making them so I made several colours. 
Enjoy your day,

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Patchwork Retreat.

Hi everyone,

I have recently returned from a weekend of my favourite creative hobby.  I just love quilting and patchwork. Twice a year I go away for the weekend and sew, sew, and sew.  Very restoring and relaxing. A friend took this photo whilst away.  Lots of people, lots of quilts and lots of fun had by all.

Whilst I cannot show you the quilt that I was working on, as it is not completed and not gifted yet, I can show you the two wedding quilts I made for our son and his wife and our daughter and her husband.  

The green one was gifted nearly 13 years ago when our son Kerry and his wife Steph got married.   If you zoom in, you might be able to notice that every melon has a music piece included.  Kerry is a musician.  Steph's favourite colour is green. These circle were quite large.

When Carren announced she was getting married, I asked her which quilt pattern she would like me to make.  The Double Wedding Ring was her choice too.  Carren's favourite colour is blue and John's, her husband, favourite colour is purple. I used a different pattern this time, hence the circles were smaller and I required more.

These squares were started a couple of months ago at another quilt retreat.  I added some more.  I don't know what will happen with them yet.  I am just using up some scraps. 

I hope you have a great day,


Monday, July 22, 2019

Magical and myths

Hi everyone

Recently our oldest grandson turned 8.  Master N has received numerous cards over the last couple of years whilst I have been a hobbyist with Stampin Up.  So a new card was needed and something out of my comfort zone.

I visited my usual resource and flicked through Pintrest.  Sandra Mastello gave me something to,start with.

This dragon came from a retired Stamp in Up stamp set, Magical and Myth. Dragons and dinosaurs always seem to be so popular with young boys.  I doubt these stamps will every disappear from my stamps sets. 
I chose purple and green colours.  Mr N really acquired a hearing aide.   He chose a purple and green one!!  My response was “I didn’t get to choose the colours of my hearing aides.  I only got grey, grey and grey. Anyway I love his purple and green one.   I also love this green and purple dragon.  

I loved creating this card.  Something that was slightly different and needed a bit more thought.  I hope you love this too. 


Monday, July 15, 2019

Easy Fun fold Card

Hi everyone,
My mum makes cards too.  Recently she visited.  She gave me several card fold ideas that she wanted to me show her.  Yesterday I rang her again.  She had chosen another card fold that she wanted help with. My mum lives in Adelaide, whilst I live in Melbourne. So thanks to Pintrest, Messenger and the phone I was able to help mum out. 

This was the video that I started with.

Whilst this was an easy card, the scoring or folding of the card is so important.  I made three sets of cards before I was happy to pass on information to Mum

This is one of them. It is a great way to use some of your retired Designer Series Paper. 

I hope you love this.  I enjoyed playing with these card.